Necklace with Ammolite, Moss Aquamarine and Tourmaline

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Long Ammolite stone of Canada with stunning color combinations of red and bright green of 110ct decorated with gold filled wires and 14k chain.

I have wrapped moss aquarium, tourmalines and Andalusite beads.

few words about the stone of Ammonite

Weight: 1.79 oz

Dimension: 69x32mm

Very beautiful colour combination and pattern! This ammolite is coated with a high quality top coat to protect and showcase the gem layer underneath.

Native tribes in North America revere ammolites as their sacred stones that bring healing and protection. Feng Shui masters in the orient also believe that they can restore the balance of Qi and bring prosperity.

In the Ammolite mining industry, there are roughly 2 zones (layers) where ammolites are extracted. One is the K zone (the layer closest to the surface), most surface collector/miners mine ammolites from this zone because of the easy access (important to note: picking up any ammonite fossil without a permit in Canada is illegal!). The most typical characteristic of K zone ammolites is the crushed, broken up scaly pattern, like those of the “dragon skin”.