Necklace with square shape, gem silica and copper

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Necklace 20inches long with central piece of a square-shaped gem silica with copper in a stunning color pattern.

I have used gold-filled 14K over Sterling silver wire to decorate the chain with various beads of turquoise, strawberry quartz, rutile quartz, Amazonite, Ethiopian opals, topaz and Rutilated quartz for a very special gift.

Extremely gem silica with copper

Stunningly rare! This beautiful material is from an ancient petrified forest on the steep slopes of Mt. Tjikolak in West Java, Indonesia.

It was covered thousands of years ago by an ancient volcanic eruption. Then, over the ages, the wood was fossilized and preserved by opaline silica. The water in that silica was very rich in desolved copper, iron, and maganese. Those copper and maganese deposits are now found inside this blue opal. The colours are radient amd vibriant! The petrified wood is interweaved with rich blue-green opal, and feathered with manganese and copper. It's like looking at the beach, ocean and sky! Every day it's getting harder to find gem-quality material because it's a one source only gemstone!