Important Notices

Sterling silver and 14K GF wires or clasps and beads needs special treatment. Oils from your skin accumulate on the surface of silver and can predispose it to oxidization. Use warm water to wash your jewelry items gently, and dry them with a soft cloth. You can also delay tarnishing by regularly polishing your silver jewels.
Stay away from hair sprays or products that contain alcohol like perfumes and body lotions. 
They might tarnish or lose their shines if you don't take a good care of them. 

There is no way to protect your silver jewelry from turning black because silver reacts with so many materials found in everyday life.

For instance, tarnishing can be accelerated by contact with tap water (because it contains chlorine), a number of foods (e.g., salad dressings), your perfume and hair spray, and even wool clothing.

While tarnishing is a natural process that cannot be prevented, it can be slowed down, but you will still need to clean the tarnished layer at some point.

Please do not shower or sleep with your jewelry.
Rocks and Stones are fragile so if you drop them they might be damaged. Please handle with care.
MagmaRockCreations using only first quality products and wires provided by local markets.