Necklace with druzy Agate, chain and tourmaline

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Statement necklace with black and white druzy agate in shape of heart wrapped with gold filled 14k over sterling silver, light weight. It comes with big O gold filled 14 k chain over sterling silver that I have brought from Greece and l have decorated with black tourmaline beads and rutilated quartz!! Powerful and One of a kind creation for You. 

Druzy agate is a type of agate stone that is characterized by the small, crystal structure that is formed on the stone (called a druzy), which means that druzy agate crystals have a “cavity” of tiny crystals, often not much bigger than grains of sugar. 

Druzy agate include:

  • Inner harmony
  • Harmonious relationships with others
  • Creativity
  • Relaxation
  • Self-love
  • Self-worth
  • Balance

Black Tourmaline is often used as a grounding stone, helping to stabilize and balance the body's energy field.