Pendant with beautiful fossil light beige color

Pendant with beautiful fossil light beige color

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Pendant with stunning and rare fossil, vivid colors and so amazing patterns!

Chain and hook is hand made and 20 inches long sterling silver chain

Fossil coral stones are a type of natural stone that is formed from ancient coral reefs. Over millions of years, coral skeletons can become fossilized through a process where the original organic material is replaced by minerals such as quartz, giving the stone its unique appearance. Fossil coral stones often exhibit intricate patterns and textures, with remnants of the original coral structure preserved within the stone.

These stones are prized for their natural beauty and can be used in a variety of applications, including jewelry, decorative items, and as a building material. Fossil coral stones are also valued for their historical and geological significance, providing insights into the Earth's ancient ecosystems and environmental changes over time. Due to their aesthetic appeal and fascinating origins, fossil coral stones are popular among collectors and enthusiasts of natural history and geology.